Accounting Services

When conducting business and dealing with numerous transactions, clients want to have clarity in their financial affairs


Where clients are not familiar with the local jurisdiction, Vistra is able to act as the client’s internal financial administrator, controller or accountant in full co-operation with their headquartered financial staff and third parties if applicable

Accounting Service and 
Financial Statements Consolidation


Our field of expertise is "end-to-end" management of administrative, accounting and filing processes (FAO). INTERBUSER services include the following:


Collection and Processing of Bills and Receipts
Expense and Budget Management 
Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable Processing
Order Entry and Management (Purchase and Delivery)
Capture and Processing of Accounting and Financial Data
Back-office Management

Document and Data Process Management


Document Management and Storage is a task that demands time and space. These resources are often dedicated to the core business. INTERBUSER offers an end-to-end solution for Document and Data Management that allows you to concentrate in your business. Our solution includes:

Scanning and Document Management. Physical and Digital Storage
Data Entry Processing (from Digital or Physical data sources)
Database consistency analysis
Reporting and database Management services
Analytics and Statistical process

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